The History of the American Flag

This 1964 films looks at the origins of the famous Stars and Stripes.

Six And A Half Magic Hours

This short film was produced in 1958 by Pan Am to promote their new service from New York to London. It provides a fascinating insight into transatlantic air travel at the beginning of the jet age.

In The Suburbs

A look at family life in 1950s America.

The Story Of Television

This 1956 documentary explores how Television came to be.

The Wright Brothers At Huffman Prairie

In 1904/05 The Wright Brothers visited Huffman Prairie to practice the concepts of powered flight. This is their story.

Henry Ford’s Mirror Of America

This short film portrays American life between 1914 and 1921. Look out for footage of President Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford himself.

Legend Of Marilyn Monroe

Almost 60 years after her death, Marilyn Monroe remains one of Hollywood’s most famous icons. She was famous for playing the “blonde bombshell” in her films and as an actress, singer and model was symbolic of the eras changing attitudes to sex and sexuality.

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