Modern History TV is your premier channel for the best FREE classic documentaries on European and American history. From World War One through to the Cold War and beyond, you are sure to find something to enjoy. New content is added daily.

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Burma Front

An account of the campaign in Burma during World War 2.

The John Pershing Story

A film biography of the great American military leader, General John J. Pershing, from his birth in 1860 to his death in 1948.

The Eisenhower Story

A biography of Dwight Eisenhower’s military career before he become President of the United States.

Oswiecim: The City That Became Auschwitz

Eyewitness accounts from Jewish survivors born in the Polish city of Oświęcim, the city that became infamously known as Auschwitz.

Memphis Belle: The Flying Fortress

This film looks at the story of the B-17 Flying Fortress known as “Memphis Belle”, its crew and their successful missions during World War 2.

Battlefields Of Yesterday

This documentary looks at the major battlefields of Europe ten years after the end of the Second World War.

Invasion Of The Marshall Islands

The American invasion of the Marshall Islands was one of the most significant battles in the Pacific during World War 2. This film looks at those events.

13 Days In October

An analysis of the U.S. Navy’s role in the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1963 when the world stood on the brink of all out nuclear war.

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